Kale !

I finally bought some kale ! I’ve been wanting to try it for years, ever since we had a Tesco delivery that swapped lettace for kale. Mum sent it back, but ever since then I’ve wanted to try it. Then it became this amazing superfood that everyone wanted, and I wanted it even more.

But where I live (rural france) I’m not even sure that most people knew of its existance. Until now !

So yay ! I’ve tried it raw, I’ve tried it on its own and now I’m making some pasta with a pesto and kale sauce, the picture looks good, so I hope it will be tasty !

I discovered something rather strange though. My cat is crazy for the stuff ! He hangs around while I’m cooking and if I happen to drop some it dissapears ! Crazy cat !



Telling the boyfriend….



So last night I told my boyfriend my thoughts about wanting to make the change to being vegan. 

His reaction was what I expected, but not what I wanted. He said that I’d get over it and that I was just being silly =( He thinks I won’t get enough iron or protein or calcium. I tired explaning things, but when he belives one thing there is no convincing him of anything else =/ It was to be expected though, he is a pure carnivore from a family that is still learning what to feed me when I visit. He finds it hard enough to accept that I don’t eat meat !!

I’m a bit disappointed; I wish I could count on his support for this.. But I’m still convinced that I am doing the right thing for me.

Being vegan ?

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine, and despite living for the past 6years in France, where they don’t think ham counts as meat, it has never really been a problem. I’ve never wanted to “try” meat again (despite many people asking me to) but I’ve never really wanted more either.

Yet the either day, as I was wasting time on facebook, I read an article that got me thinking and that may well be the start of many changes in my life. ( http://gentleworld.org/to-be-a-feminist-is-to-be-a-vegan/ )

I’ve never really been a very serious vegetarian. I eat fish, I eat marshmallows, I don’t read labels. I think this is probably because the reason behind by descision to become vegetarian was purely because the taste, texture and smell no longer appealed to me, in fact, even now 11 years later, the smell of cooking meat lakes me feel ill. I was only 9, I was too young tp have any real idea about animal welfare and I don’t think I really cared either. Sure I loved animals, but the bigger picture was just a little too big for my mind to truely understand.

Everything that is in the article I already knew. I’ve always been like most people; you feel disgusted and then carried on doing what I’ve always done. But now it feels really wrong to believe one thing and do another. I guess I’ve just grown up a bit.

So I have decided to take the plunge. I’m going to try and cut out animal products from my diet. I’m not going to go as far as saying “becoming vegan”, there is still some taboo around the word that still pushes me away. But I definatly want to make the change. 

It will be little by little, I have A LOT of food in my flat, and I’m not just going to trow away the milk and eggs, however the aim is to no longer buy animal products. So I’m going to have to adapt and find another way of eating.

What scares me the most is the reaction of the people I know. The word “vegan”  is kind of scary to most people.

So where do I begin ? I have to admit that I have no idea. I’m going to buy and good cookbook and go from there =) All I know is that a brand new world is opening up to me and I am more than ready to explore !



01/12/2013 : Christmas is coming !

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for !!!

For the past month the shops have been stocking up with chocolates and toys and decorations, but it is too early. It feels wrong to hear jingle bells when halloween is only just over. So I’ve been waiting and waiting, for the day when, forme, christmas fever truely starts =p

I’ve opened the first door on my advent calander, I’ve bought most of my presents and now I need to get a tree to hang my brand new decorations on. A real tree of course, what would hristmas be without the smell of pine ? OK, so it isn’t very environmentaly firendly, but I’m good most of the time !!! And I’m careful to get one from somewhere that isn’t cutting forests down anyway. 

As much as I hate winter (cold…..) chirstmas has to be one of my favorite times of year. Christmas markets start springing up every where, there is so much food and everyone seems that little bit happier. 

So happy chirstmas season to everyone =) xxxx