Chesse, chesse and more cheese

My boyfriend has been more accepting about me wanting to veganize up. But I haven’t said anything to his parents. I don’t really know them that well and I feel that I already put them out enough by being vegetarian, an already alien enough concept….
Last night they fed me savory pancakes with vegetables and chesse. So much cheese. Too much. After two weeks dairy free it definatly was strange. But I feel like a bad person for complaining, at least they fed me ! And they don’t know, so how can I blame them xD
I also got the talk on how I should start eating meat again, eating that I’m not getting enough iron or protein. Funny how everyone suddenly becomes an “expert” with a lot of false info. I’m going to get a lot of stick when I work up the courage to let them know…
I’ll probably tell mum over christmas, but I’m not worrid about that, she Will just tell me that I’m crazy.
Maybe un the new year. Or maybe I just need Time to feel more confortable with this myself.


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