Mud Pie

I have a sweet tooth. There is nothing I can do about it. I would pick a dessert over a starter any day.

And this is probably the main thing (along with cheese) that has stopped me becoming a vegan for so long. But one small google search and thousands and thousands of amazing looking recipes are laid out in front of you. It is truly amazing. I would never have thought I could find so much inspiration !

So today I making mud pie. With avacados ! It’s something I want to take to my boyfriend’s parent’s house this weekend, but of course I need to test it first, because if my boyfriend will eat it, so will the rest of his familly. Well maybe not his dad… That’s a bigger challenge.

And they absolutly can’t guess that it is vegan. They won’t eat it other wise. Too french. 

Here is the recipe I found : 

It looks good, it doesn’t have thousands of strange ingrediants and it seems simple to make

Just hope the bf doesn’t guess there is avacado in it ;).


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