Paris, mon amour…

It is 2 in the morning and I’m waiting to go and get my bus… I hate night buses.

I’m off to Paris, but I won’t be doing much sightseeing. In fact, I’ve been to Paris so many times in the last year and yet I still have yet to sightsee =( I’m going to a big conference about prison, which is going to be so amazing. Last year the minister of justice opened it, which was quite incredible. One of my friends offered her cookies ^^ 

So I’m excited, but kind of sad that I’ leaving my boyfriend behind. Is it normal to feel like I want to give up everything that has evermeant anything to me just for one person ? I’m fighting so hard to hang on to anything other than him that is a part of me. I seem so ready to give it up it is crazy…

I am so tired ! I have drunk over two litres of smoothie and eaten so many noodles, yet I’m still hungry, tired and irritable. I really hope I’m going to get some sleep on the bus =/ 

I’m going to go clean my teeth and see if that wakes me up a bit…

Happy browsing night owls ! xxx


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